Case study:
The Body Shop

Contact: Matt Louth, International Head of Digital and Customer Systems

Service used: Contingent Recruitment

Background: Matt Louth has been a loyal customer of TRIA for over eight years. Indeed, as Matt has advanced in his own career in various blue-chip organisations, he has retained his relationship with TRIA.  

The situation: When Matt was tasked with recruiting for The Body Shop, he wanted to avoid time being taken up with the recruitment process, during his busy working day. He also wanted confidence in the choice of candidates being right from the start, as this can be another very time-consuming process.

The approach: TRIA is aware that when dealing with very senior clients, their time is limited and so they use a project management plan to ensure that decisions and updates could be made outside of normal business hours so swift progress could be made.

Client comments: “The team at TRIA are flexible which is important to me as I am often busy in core hours. However, they keep me updated on progress before 8am or after 5pm, in short, punchy updates when I have time to deal with them. Recruitment can be a time-consuming business but TRIA make it as easy as it can be. They take time to understand the role fit and the team fit, to make sure we get the best person for the job. They achieve a higher quality of candidates onto a shortlist than most. TRIA are a joy to work with.”

The results: They are clear to see. TRIA has now recruited for 13 positions at The Body Shop and have on ongoing relationship for other contingency recruitment needs across their IT and Digital function. TRIA understand the need to deliver to the client in a way and manner that suits them and this, in turn, brings a stronger relationship and better results.