Case study:

Contact: Phil Scully, CIO

Service used: Contingent Recruitment

Background: Phil Scully has been a loyal client of TRIA for eight years and has retained the relationship as he has progressed in his career, including his current role as CIO at Costa Coffee, part of The Coca-Cola Company.

The situation: When Phil is tasked with recruiting several high-level positions including multi-channel and lead architect roles he was aware that not only were exacting technical skills required, but also the right cultural fit for his team. TRIA understand that a successful placement is the right mix of technical skills and cultural fit. One without the other does not make a successful placement. So, Phil was able to trust that TRIA would deliver a candidate who was the right fit on both counts.

The approach: TRIA had an initial briefing and, thanks to their long-term relationship and experience of the market, immediately understood the brief in terms of technical skills and personal skills/ cultural fit. TRIA then worked closely with Phil and his team to pull together a comprehensive role spec. This then enabled TRIA to go out to the market in the most efficient manner with a role they knew would be attractive to the right candidates and therefore generate the best response.

Client comments: “TRIA has always been honest and pragmatic. There is no nonsense with TRIA. They say if they can’t do it. The candidates that they have found have been high calibre and a good fit for my team. TRIA is one of these go to contacts in my network who never let me down.”

The results: TRIA is on the Preferred Suppliers List for The Coca-Cola Company and have now placed ten candidates in Costa, many of whom are pivotal to the overall performance of the team.

Jenny Hughes


After spending a year and a half in design and marketing recruitment, it was time for me to join the big wide world of tech recruitment. I joined TRIA recruitment in March 2021. I have been welcomed with open arms and I am super excited to be part of a company who pride themselves in building relationships and not cold calling! I work within the delivery team sourcing the candidates that our clients need.

The biggest shock about me is my American accent although I have a Thai mum and an English dad! I have never been to the States but I grew up going to International Schools in Asia. Travelling is still a big part of my life, but I have been lucky to be able to choose Bristol to be my home! You will usually find me trying to find the best Asian food in Bristol!

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David Kirkpatrick

Founder | Director

As a founding member and Director of TRIA, I have been lucky enough to establish a business with two of the most prolific, talented and successful recruiters in the industry. We set up TRIA with the ethos of relationships, hard work and offering a truly niche delivery focused service to the market, we aren’t here to reinvent the wheel but in a competitive and crowded market place it’s brilliant to see our reputation and brand grow, developing in line with our strategy. It’s been an amazing journey so far, from the initial concept around a dinner table to our launch in 2015 and to what we are today.

One of the things I really enjoy is the fact that no two days are the same in my role, from day to day operations, supplier management, building the team, delivering on roles and fetching the odd pint of milk. I really enjoy meeting clients and potential staff and discussing our industry and talking to anyone who will listen about TRIA, our values, vision and how people can be part of our future.

Outside of work I have my hands full with our 2 small children Henry and Arabella, and enjoy F1, struggling with the gym and trying out Bristol’s abundance of fantastic restaurants to counter the gym!!

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Lara Webb

Founder | Director

As a founding member and Director of TRIA, it's been fantastic to see the company grow from 3 people around a table in serviced offices to where we are now, every day feels special and I am proud of what we have achieved and even more excited about the future. I currently oversee the delivery arm of the company and still after all these years, like to maintain the hands on aspect in terms of searching for the niche skill sets and hard to find candidates (to show the "youngsters" I can still do it!).

My two favorite parts of the role are the client relationships, most of which I have worked with for 15 years and have recruited for them in various companies so really enjoy working them and knowing exactly what they want, recruitment is so much more then bums on seats, it's about relationships, hard work and understanding your client base. I also really enjoy seeing our consultants do well and taking pride in working for TRIA. We have such a collaborative approach and family feel which is something we are determined not to lose as we increase in size.

Any spare time is spent being a taxi service to my teenagers for their very important social lives but I also like and need to keep fit – spending time with my dogs and horses also keeps me busy!

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Harriet Kirkpatrick

Founder | Director

As a founding member and Director of TRIA, I am so proud of what we have built; walking into a full office every day makes me smile and I have to pinch myself when I think back to the early days when it was just the three of us in our tiny broom cupboard office! We have such a broad mix of people working here, but everyone is the true 'TRIA' type – it's hard to put my finger on what that is; but we all support each other, no-one is out for themselves, and everyone cares about doing a really good job for our clients and candidates. Plus they are really good fun to be around!

I love continuing to work with clients and contacts that I have known for years as we have built up really good relationships. On top of that of the three Director's I have been the one to keep the TRIA ship on the straight and narrow, anything 'back office' or process related is my department! Partly because I do actually enjoy it (maybe it's the mathematician in me?!), and partly because David and Lara definitely don't enjoy it!

Outside work, I am kept (very!) busy with 2 small children, Henry and Arabella.

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